Auld Lang Syne

I turned 26 and Mike turned 30 (ahh! haha)
We bought our first home
Adopted a new rescue puppy
Photographed three weddings, a few engagements, and a lot of babies
Firenzi business has taken off
Mike became unemployed in September... and re-employed in December

Most of you know from Facebook, but Mike got a job! After we had a huge letdown a few weeks ago, we were prepared for disappointment with this interview. However, a recruiter sought out Mike because he spoke Portuguese (he learned on his mission) and that's the skill they were in dire need of. Starting January 2nd, he will begin work at Phillips! The best part is, besides a great salary and benefits, it's literally ten minutes from home. :BIG sigh of relief:

Since then, I've been able to take some days off of work and regain my sanity. Mike and I have spent more time together, and more time with our furry "kids." The 3-month unemployment trial is over, but we're not so quick to forget the hardship. There was a time where we couldn't afford to cover our bills and still eat. Of course our parents were there, but that came with guilt. I hope I can help out my kids in the future like we have been helped. This trial also taught us more of the good and bad about ourselves; granted, we'll be learning more about each other throughout our marriage, and it's only year #2. We didn't give up, and made it over the speed bump. We will look back on this and feel grateful for years to come.

We also made it through the Mayan end of the world, and the zombie apocalypse. Mike was playing zombie-fighting games to prepare :) Here's to a new year coming up. May 2013 be the best year yet!

Merry Christmas, and a bright and happy new year to our friends and family. We love you and appreciate you in our lives.

Here are some highlights from the past month and this awesome Christmas season (most via Instagram).
Our Christmas tree
Winter blossom at the Spencer house
Watching "White Christmas" in front of our Christmas tree

Baked gingerbread cookies with Michael and Cassie. This is the gingerbread blob... thing. :)
Wore white and green for Sandy Hook Elementary.
Photos Michael took of Cassie and her daughter Ariel
Made the traditional Spencer family fudge
Maya in front of the Christmas tree
The Christmas turkey at the Spencer house

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