Grateful for November

With the holidays in full swing, it feels like these are the most cozy/sentimental/emotional/wonderful months of the year. Life changes constantly, so maybe it just feels like there have been so many changes happening at the same time. I decided to focus on being more thankful for things than I have been, and update my Facebook status once a day in November to share what I was grateful for. It has REALLY put things into perspective and makes each day better.

1: I'm grateful for such a good husband.

  • A few days beforehand, I chopped my hair off 5-6 inches and didn't like it. He made me feel at ease about it, and encouraged me to make it REALLY short. I don't have the guts or desire to go that short.

2: I'm grateful for my amazing parents. They do SO much for me still. I love them a ton!!

  • Little did I know this would again ring true two weeks later, when my back molar has decided to ache, I need dental work done, and have no insurance. Being taken care of growing up, I now deeply appreciate those seemingly small things. I feel guilty leaning on my parents, even though they said they'd be here for us. Someday I'll figure out how to repay them.

3: I'm grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the LDS church for being such an inspirational part of my life since I was 19, and even before that through friends and ancestral connections.

  • Another rough week had passed for both of us, and church has kept us at peace. Every Sunday is a much-needed recharge in order to survive each new curve.

4: I'm grateful for naps.
5: I'm grateful for work, even when the hours are long.

  • I recently picked up a tutoring client through a friend. While I appreciate it, now I'm working 45+ hours a week, not including making crafts. The way I manage it is ONLY thinking about ONE day at a time. If I look at the whole week, I get overwhelmed.

6: I'm grateful for the country in which we live and those who have served it.

  • I was pretty disappointed by the election results. However, I have faith that good will still continue to be seen despite so many chaotic things happening.

7: I'm grateful for my mind and the education I've been able to attain, as well as the education of life I'm getting every day.
8: I'm grateful for the good people I work with in education who are honestly striving to make life better for their kids.

  • There are people on the other end of the spectrum who are in education merely because they can dominate it. They are a huge part of why it's so messed up.

9: I'm grateful for cloudy, rainy days that make being at home in your socks drinking hot cocoa so much more cozy.

10: I'm grateful for pumpkin banana bread. mmm.

11: I'm grateful for knowing how to take care of a sick husband, while enjoying a lazy weekend.
12: I'm thankful for such amazing, true friends that are there time and time again when I/we need a shoulder to lean on, and there for a good time. Same goes for extended family members who are there constantly giving good vibes and love.

  • There are friends. Then, there are GREAT friends. Certain people are close at times in your life, and move away at other times. I am so grateful for those close friends we have now. They're the kind of people you can tell are truly good, inside and out.

13: I'm thankful for my health. When you're sick, it makes you appreciate NOT being sick.
  • Caught from husband. Luckily we're 95% better, and I didn't miss any work that I would have possibly taken off.
14: Grateful for heaters. I LOVE having a warm classroom and home. 
15:  Grateful for FOOD. I love the act of eating and all of the tasty food in the world, and the fact that we are blessed to have it every day. It's a wonder I'm not three times my size with how much I've enjoy food.
16: I'm grateful for FRIDAYS.
17: Grateful for humility. Each new struggle or failure teaches me everything is in the Lord's time.
18. I'm thankful for hope. Often it's what gets me up in the morning.
19: I'm grateful for little kids. They remind me to aim to be my best in everything in order to make the world better.
20: SO grateful for vacations. I love exploring new places, or even just staying close to home and spending time with family while relaxing (whatever that word means).
21: Grateful for random acts of kindness. Little things, sometimes big things, make a big difference in someone's day.
22: Grateful for my parents, sister and her husband, aunt and uncle, grandma, and dad-in-law who are close enough to come down to our home for Thanksgiving around their schedules. So glad that boot camp kicked my trash last night so I could eat as much as I wanted! Thanks Driven Fitness.
23: I'm grateful for my furry children, past and present. Besides my parents' dogs Smokey and Pepper, my first was Moppy, the fluffy pekingese; then Cookie, the crazy springer spaniel. I adopted Ozzy from the pound, who has become the son my Dad never had; then Harley, the chi-weenie who aims to please, and Maya, the scaredy-cat. I love them all. Dogs are special companions who are there for you through thick and thin, when you want to play or when you just want to cry.

24: I'm grateful for photo work and unplanned visits with such good old friends.
25: Thankful for silence. Gives me time to think, to meditate, to breathe, and to focus on one thing at a time.
26: Grateful for cars. They make getting to/from places sooo quick and easy compared to walking and buses. 
27: Grateful for text messages so I can see sweet and positive notes from loved ones.
28: Grateful for silliness. It makes elementary school so much fun.
29: Sooo grateful for hot showers after a workout.
30: Thankful for hope, and the holiday season. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy getting gifts for everyone.

EVERYTHING has made me feel more grateful. 

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