Half Jan, Half Feb

Hi everyone! Here's a quick post about the past month.

I love watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show every day. A few of my friends and family requested tickets for her show in May, so we'll see what happens!
Diet Dr. Pepper has helped prevent me from gorging myself on snack food at home.
My Mom goes above and beyond doing things for us, even if we barely see her on a hurried visit and she's sick. I love her infinitely. I tell her she doesn't need to do all that stuff for us, but she does anyway.

Taxes suck!
I'm glad we did our taxes ourselves this year, even though I loved the guy we used last year. If we had had him submit them this year, we'd have been out $50 overall, with no return. We bought a house last year, and our combined gross income wasn't much (still hoping for a full-time job for me). However, we also cashed the remainder of my college fund investments to put down on the house. That pretty much killed any return we were going to get back from the feds, and in fact we ended up owing $114 more! The state gave us back around $220, but hey, do the math, and it's not much to speak of. I'm grateful that we at least broke even. My parents are getting ripped off this year. Hey Obama fans: you wanted change, well here it is! I hope you're enjoying it.

Job Potential
I've accepted a long-term substitute job at a school I love! Why do I love this school? It's a good mix of middle school and high school students, and a fantastic woman greets me every day with a smile when I visit. I know her and a few other teachers put my name in for it, so I'm glad I've made connections there. Who knows where this will lead, but this could be my big break. This could last anywhere from one week to the rest of the schoolyear and I'm so excited.

New Niece!
Baby Kimberlyn is here! My sister-in-law Amanda and her husband Bryan had their baby girl on my birthday this year (thank you)! What a great gift. We just got back from the baby blessing this weekend in Fresno where we also got a few photos. She is beautiful and I'm so excited to be an aunt!

Love to you all!

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