Pursuing Your Goals Despite the Roadblocks

Today I stumbled upon a really motivating blog, Noisette Academy, written by a woman named Isa. Reading these posts has refreshed my mind on what I want to be doing with my time, and has given me a few questions to consider when assessing who I am and where I want to be going.

Recently, I worked a full-time long-term substitute job, which was basically like being the teacher for a month and a half. I was, and still am, greatly disappointed that I wasn't chosen to finish the school year. I grieved it like anyone would grieve a loss, because it was truly a loss to me. However, I feel that having it for the short time I had it taught me so much about myself and my abilities. That experience was meant for me. My dreams remain the same, if not more strengthened; and I'm expanding my day-to-day lifestyle as a result.

Here are a few things from the Noisette blog that I loved.

You don't always need to follow the rules or conform to what others expect of you.
When I observed other teachers during and outside of class time, some were flustered and others weren't. They key difference was in how they balanced their time. I learned that I didn't need to grade 100 essays in two days; it was more beneficial to my sanity if I came home and took a break from work instead of letting it take over my whole evening. By doing this, I was a happier wife, I got to finish little things on my to-do list, watch The Ellen Show, make dinner, and relax. Spread out big projects if you can and take more time for you and your family.

Know what you want.
It's easy to get your mind clouded and forget your original goals when you're in pursuit of them. Take the time to remind yourself what they are, and eliminate actions that don't help you achieve them. My goals are to feel fulfilled in my work and spend more time with family. Pursuing teaching is extremely fulfilling, and family activities fill my calendar.

After work this Wednesday, I'm taking a week and a half off and doing anything and everything leisurely that comes along. Mike and I are reorganizing our furniture and thinking of what home improvements we'd like to do next. The weather had better perk back up soon because the dogs and I need to hit the beach.

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