#30DayDetox - Love of Self

This summer I've been working hard on my fitness goals, and that includes nutrition and peace of mind. I love watching morning TV shows, and was inspired by The Today Show's "30 Day Detox" challenge, so I've decided to say something nice about myself every day and not say anything negative about myself.

Aug 1: I'm awesome. Let's just start with something basic, something general. I feel good today, I worked out this morning, I feel powerful just by taking care of my body.

2: I'm beautiful. The way I'm made is just fine. After blow-drying my hair, I love how soft and straight it is. Nobody can be me, this is the only me I get, so I'm going to appreciate me.

3: I try to be kind. After all, I wish people were more kind to me. Too often I look for fulfillment through what others say. Today I'll be fulfilled by saying good things to other people.

4: By teaching kids who hate school and have bad attitudes, it makes me grateful that I can be a positive person in people's lives even when they choose to be negative. Happiness really is a choice 98% of the time.

5: I'm patient. Much more than I used to be (yes really, family!) even though I'm always a work in progress, I appreciate that I endure more and try to allow others the time they need to figure things out.

6: I'm helpful. I don't like to be like the "bummer kids" in summer school that seek to be bullies. I see someone doing something, teacher or student, and offer to help.

7: I have great hair. I just got it done the other day and love it. I loved it before then, but I love that it's naturally straight. My genes are awesome.

8: I make others feel better just by talking with them. At boot camp today I brought some protein energy treats I made from a Pinterest recipe, which spurred conversation with people I haven't gotten much time to talk to. I heart my fitness people and seeing smiles on their faces.

9: I'm capable of more than I know. I did hot yoga this morning for the first time in three weeks, and though it was hard, I kept going and remembered why I love it. My body is a beautiful temple and I appreciate it.

10: I'm updating this on the 11th. I had a hard time saying something nice about myself. Some days are rougher than others. I already said I was patient, so today I'll say I'm giving because I had to put aside my wants to make sure someone else got what they needed. I try to make others happy and just go with the flow (and I'm not saying this bitterly).

11: I'm adventurous. We booked a trip to New York this fall, I'm so excited. I also ordered a 3-Day Detox protein program from Shakeology, whose protein powders I already have and love. I'm looking forward to seeing how good I feel afterward. There has been so much tar in the air for weeks due to our complex getting new roofs installed.

1/3 of the way through, more to come.

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