Shakeology 3-Day Refresh Review

When Shakeology announced they would be selling a 3-Day Refresh program, I was excited. I studied what other people had done with it, how they felt, etc. and finally ordered my own kit. When I started, in the morning of day 1 I thought, "That's right... I go crazy thinking of the foods I can't eat!" But I keep telling myself that it's only 3 days. The time will pass whether I'm striving to stick to my goals or not, so I need to make the most of it.

Day 1: Mon, 8/18
Food Regimen
I took the opportunity to try Greenberry Shakeology since I've tried all of the other flavors, and it's really good. However, I was hungry soon after since I did a boot camp and stretch/yoga workout. I'm going to hold steady and see what results I get if I follow the meal plan exactly. I also add ice to all of my shakes if possible, because I like the thickness.
-morning tea: chai rooibos herbal decaffeinated-
Morning Snack
Fiber Sweep mix with water: Considering it's fiber and not protein, it's OK. I've had worse. But not my favorite thing so far.
Boy, was I ready for lunch. I had 5 baby carrots, 2 T avocado, and 1/2 banana mixed in with the Vanilla Fresh shake and ice (yum). I'm feeling very satisfied.
Afternoon Snack
2 T hummus, 3 cups lettuce/kale/mixed greens
Vanilla Fresh with ice (no fruit this time) and one of the dinner recipes - vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots), vegetable broth, coconut oil, pinch of salt.

Day 1 Observations
1 - I'm exhausted. No caffeine, only natural sugar. I went to boot camp and stretch this morning but it was a struggle. I was DONE for the day by 10 AM.
2 - I miss eating more. I just want to chew something, not that I'm hungry. My daily protein intake is 65g so I feel satisfied. But, I love food and I love eating (Lesson 1: something I am learning to tame in a good way).

Day 2: Tues, 8/19
Same plan as day 1. I pretty much kept the food the same. Didn't go to hot yoga as planned because I didn't think my body would handle it.

Headache. Most all day. Awful. I took ibuprofen but it wouldn't help unless I took 800 mg (wow). I assume this is a caffeine headache. Lesson 2: control my daily caffeine intake.

Day 3: Weds, 8/20
Had more pep in my step today, either because of the foods taking effect, or my body normalizing without caffeine/sugar/whatever, or both. OR because I'm also looking forward to this being DONE :P I miss having more choice of what I can eat. I went to TRX and stretch and feel good.

Day 4: Results
Measurements (bust, belly, hips, butt): No change
Weight: -2.5 lbs

Considering my BMI is (and was) about 22, which is healthiest for my height/weight, I don't need to lose weight or size, but am happy something changed. I wanted a deeper health detox/nutrition shift, and I got it.

What I Learned
1 - Love food, but make every bite worth it without overdoing it.
2 - Control daily caffeine intake: No more than 80g
3 - The better foods I eat, the better I feel. When I overeat, I feel it quicker now, and it doesn't feel good. Same thing goes for cheaply made/processed foods.
4 - Control daily sugar intake: have as little as possible (natural whole fruit is fine). I had a Nutella cookie (about 90 cals) after measuring my body and weight on Thursday, and within minutes my heart was pounding and I felt differently. I'm kind of glad I react that way now, so it'll remind me that I can't overdo it anymore!
5 - Water is amazing. I had been drinking half of my body weight in grams before (about 67g), so I continued (per program guidelines). Now it's easy and my body asks for it more.

**One Day Later: I maintained eating healthy portions and eating more high-protein foods (hello chicken, I've missed you) and avoided sugar and I'm down another pound. You are what you eat!**

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