#30DayDetox Part 3

12/23/14: I'm realizing I never finished this in August, so I'm finishing it now! This is especially valuable to me now that I'm big and pregnant.

#30DayDetox Part Three. My focus is to say something positive about myself every day and avoid saying anything negative about myself.

22: I'm funny. Not just funny looking in a rad way, but I have a funny personality.

23: I'm an animal lover. I can remember at least seven animals that I've loved and saved and two still live with me.

24: I look for the best in people. Others may continue to make bad choices but I see so much potential in everyone, so I try to help them see it too.

25: My body is huge. And it's going to get bigger since I'm only halfway through my pregnancy, and that's OK. I love my body for all it is capable of doing.

26: I'm compassionate. I'm realizing this even more since my hormones are making me teary-eyed more often. A family was recently run down by a SUV in a crosswalk and they survived, but lost their dog. Tears me up. Could have been much worse if they lost more though.

27: I'm realistic. This can be both a great thing and a struggle because some mistake it for pessimism, I feel like it has saved me much heartache but also has allowed me to be surprised and happy.

28: I'm giving. With Christmas two days away, I'm looking at what I bought for my family and I feel like it just isn't enough. I don't think I'll ever stop feeling that way.

29: I'm dedicated. Recently I had to work 17 hours into winter break to finish the first issue of El Toro's magazine. There are likely a few more hours to come so our printing company is satisfied. It was frustrating but taught me a lot about what I can hope to do better with the journalism class moving forward.

30: I'm me and no one else can be me. In the same token, no one else can take anyone else's place completely. I'm doing my best to enjoy my role in the world and be a good person.

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