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24 September 2014

I'm pregnant! Yes, I'm excited beyond words. At this moment however, I'm only 5 weeks along, and that's the main reason why I didn't publish this post until later. I'm holding on to hope (and trying not to worry about it) that I get into my second trimester. You know what I'm talking about if you've ever miscarried. I'm mainly writing this as a journal for my feelings, so here we go.

I'm eating well, I'm controlling my caffeine intake down to nearly nothing, and the biggest change is not working out as much, if at all. This is a drastic change for me, as I just came off of an amazing summer getting into the best shape of my life. My opinion on fitness and pregnancy has shifted since the beginning of the year, in a major way.

With my first pregnancy from January to February 2014, I read what other women suggested and talked about their experiences working out while pregnant. The accepted consensus was, "Whatever you were doing before pregnancy, you are OK to continue to do, just in moderation." But now I strongly disagree, especially if this is your first pregnancy.

I was used to squats, running, ball slams, overhead weight carries, etc. I just cut out most of the weight and slowed down a bit. I never felt strained. In retrospect, it wasn't enough. I've gone over and over it with my doctor, and he said there was nothing I did to cause the miscarriage, and that it was the egg. My body knew it wouldn't work out so it took care of it. But this doesn't prevent me from taking different precautions in the future.

As a first-time mom, you do not know how your body will handle pregnancy, so don't be comfortable with saying, "It's just a little workout" or, "It's just one cup of coffee." The average cup of coffee from Starbucks has 140 mg or more of caffeine, nearly double the average in other coffee brands. Is soda your go-to afternoon drink? Whatever your issue or concern is when you know you need to moderate your intake, don't take risks. If you feel unsure in the least, don't even go there.

I'm a healthy, physically active woman in her late 20's, and maybe my body was just "getting used to" being pregnant for the first time; but I don't want to have any "what-ifs" lingering in my head ever again. This time around, I'm getting bigger and I'm OK with that. More accurately, I'm getting big. How big? However big my body feels is appropriate. My body knows. Of course I'm going to do my best to eat well, but I'm not going to guilt myself over a number on a scale, or a treat, or my clothes not fitting well anymore. I'm OK letting go of all of that, no matter how difficult, to have a healthy baby to love for the rest of my life and forever.

While I was miscarrying over Valentine's Day weekend (the 13th onward, right after we heard the heartbeat that day), the predominating thought in my mind has been this: I want that baby back. I'd give up any workout, any ideal body image, just to have that baby. While I believe I'll see my "first baby" in the next existence, the most important message I want to share with pregnant women is that it's OK to be big. Accept yourself in this stage in life. Anyone who judges you for how you look while you're pregnant, well... I feel afraid for that person because they're about to get a face full of hormones!!!

I wish all of you mommies the best.

Jessica Simpson received a lot of cruel comments on how big she became during her pregnancies. Did anyone ever think to consider that her body is her body, and it was healthy and created a beautiful baby?

I LOVE this photo because it shows Alyson Hannigan in everyday hair, make-up (none) and clothes, being herself.

Olivia Wilde, normal pregnant woman. Awesome.

Alyson again, with a great-looking outfit. I'll be taking style tips from her.

Though I like seeing celebrities dolled up on the red carpet, too often it makes society think that this is what we all should look like. In reality, she spent a lot of time in hair and make-up before even going to this event. Instead I choose to focus on her smile and embracing the bump and her body as it was, wearing something comfortable, and not looking shy or ashamed of her size in the least.

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