Almost Four Months

Time flies by so quickly. We've gotten used to day care, which was easy since our provider is so awesome. Emery shows us new things every day, it's amazing. Lately she's experimenting with her voice, which means lots of pierced eardrums due to squealing at the top of her lungs... but we love it anyway. She can now lift her head for a long time when we do tummy time, and can sit up on her own, albeit wobbly. She is also paying more attention to objects in front of her, putting things in her mouth and gnawing on them (teething... :\) and holding onto us as we hold her. When she sees us for the first time in the morning or when picking her up after school, her facial recognition is becoming quicker. I'm trying hard to capture more smiley photos but she doesn't like the camera in her face. And of course, she's eating more and growing, which I love and try to enjoy every moment because she seems bigger every time I turn around.

We adore our little Emmy-bean.

I was bouncing up and down and roaring like a lion to get this. The. Best.

Reading the morning paper with Papa

Superbaby in footie pajamas

Sleepy eyes

She likes to suck on her arms, hands, our shoulder, etc.

With Daddy at an El Toro football game

Baby blessing day

Mommy got her hair done and Emmy was being a sweetie

Paying more attention to objects

Smiling at me, camera to the side. happy girl


Emery - One Month

What a month. We love spending as much time as possible with her and even wake her up on purpose. Besides her not gaining enough weight (now she is, and eating like a champ) and me getting mastitis (which came with cold sweats and chills, nausea, exhaustion, etc.), it's been a really great first month. This is only our first baby so I may be crazy to say this, but I love taking care of her every 2-3 hours all day every day. I'll definitely have a hard time going back to work.

Emery likes to:

  • eat, eat, eat
  • mouth-wrestle with her swaddle when she wakes up and/or is hungry
  • scrunch up her nose
  • look up at the patio rafters in the backyard

She does not like:

  • not eating
  • diaper changes
  • wardrobe changes
  • sitting in one place for too long

We are more enamored with her than ever.


We're Parents!

It's been awhile, but what better time to update a blog when you've added a new member to your family?

Emery Joy Burr was born at 2:27 PM on June 4th measuring 7 pounds, 9 ounces, 19.5 inches long. Giving birth was the hardest thing I've ever done, but the most amazing thing to ever happen to us. Finally, the thing that has been kicking and pushing and twisting inside of me came out, and she is the most beautiful baby girl.

brand new

Our due date was originally 28 May (our wedding anniversary) and my OB didn't want me or baby getting much bigger, so we had an induction scheduled for the following Thursday anyway. But hours beforehand, Emery showed us who calls the shots, and decided to come on my parents' wedding anniversary instead.

My contractions started at 3:30 AM. It felt just like our birth classes said it would - a tightening, along with what felt like were menstrual cramps. I was excited but nervous. I recorded the time of each one and noticed they went from 30 minutes apart to 20 minutes apart fairly quickly, so I woke Mike up and we decided to get ready to go to the hospital. I took a warm shower, and started to have difficulty moving around every 5 minutes - bam, the contractions were already 5 minutes apart, so the hospital would admit me. I was still hesitant because the pain was constant, so when I called labor and delivery and kept getting transferred around, I finally had to hand the phone over to Mike as I doubled over in pain for a good minute or two long, and puked on the floor. My mom had been staying with us for the past few days, and she knew this was normal, but I could tell from the look on her face she didn't like to see me like that. I was very, very nervous.

We drove to the hospital and I could barely get out of the car. It's funny how you plan these things out, but when the time comes, you're a big ball of nerves and "What should I do with this while I'm trying to do this?" like leaving the car in the unloading zone for at least a half hour. When I was checking in, the nurses were just standing there, smiling like it was no big deal. Yes, no big deal to them as they see it every day, but I was doubled over and kept asking for help. Contractions feel like you're literally being ripped apart, which makes you feel like you WILL be (and in a way, you do when you give birth). But wow, I wanted that epidural BADLY. By the time I changed and got in bed and was being monitored while waiting for the "epidural guy" to finally get to our room, I was squeezing Mike's hand with all I had, yelling when the pain was unbearable, and wincing and crying like a baby. I applaud the women who can do this naturally. Maybe someday I can, but I needed two doses of penicillin before I could even begin pushing, which took a few hours - so no way was I going to put off the epi.

Even after finally getting the pain medication, another hurdle came - pushing. I felt the sensation that I should push, but when I was actually pushing, it was incredibly uncomfortable and difficult to tell if I was doing it right or making any progress. Mike and the nurse said I was, but I didn't feel it or see it until they brought out the mirror. I never thought I'd want to see down there, but when I saw the baby's head, that was all the motivation I needed. She was right there! I didn't verbally respond much to the nurse's comments, but just set my mind to one thing - I see Emery, I can do this.

With each contraction, I pushed three times. On the last one, I pushed twice, and the nurse turned to the side and called the midwife to come in "in about ten minutes because we'll definitely have a baby in here - " and I gave it one last push, and Emery's head came flying out (almost literally) causing the nurse to give out a yell of surprise and yell into the phone, "WE NEED EVERYONE IN HERE RIGHT NOW, THE BABY IS COMING OUT NOW!"

One more push and she came out all the way. What a strange but relieving sensation. I could feel everything but no pain. We saw her, she was real, she was and is beautiful, We cried. She's amazing. My body grew a beautiful human! I can hardly believe it. I adore her.

Now for the avalanche of photos. More to come, of course. She does something new and gets cuter every day.

I'm a mom!

most adorable bow beanie wearer

right after birth
elated papa


Great Grandma
car ride

snoozing at home

first time in the bassinet

Auntie Ally

Grandpa Burr

Grandpa Spencer
Grandma Spencer

one week old, pretty in pink