Emery - One Month

What a month. We love spending as much time as possible with her and even wake her up on purpose. Besides her not gaining enough weight (now she is, and eating like a champ) and me getting mastitis (which came with cold sweats and chills, nausea, exhaustion, etc.), it's been a really great first month. This is only our first baby so I may be crazy to say this, but I love taking care of her every 2-3 hours all day every day. I'll definitely have a hard time going back to work.

Emery likes to:

  • eat, eat, eat
  • mouth-wrestle with her swaddle when she wakes up and/or is hungry
  • scrunch up her nose
  • look up at the patio rafters in the backyard

She does not like:

  • not eating
  • diaper changes
  • wardrobe changes
  • sitting in one place for too long

We are more enamored with her than ever.