Almost Four Months

Time flies by so quickly. We've gotten used to day care, which was easy since our provider is so awesome. Emery shows us new things every day, it's amazing. Lately she's experimenting with her voice, which means lots of pierced eardrums due to squealing at the top of her lungs... but we love it anyway. She can now lift her head for a long time when we do tummy time, and can sit up on her own, albeit wobbly. She is also paying more attention to objects in front of her, putting things in her mouth and gnawing on them (teething... :\) and holding onto us as we hold her. When she sees us for the first time in the morning or when picking her up after school, her facial recognition is becoming quicker. I'm trying hard to capture more smiley photos but she doesn't like the camera in her face. And of course, she's eating more and growing, which I love and try to enjoy every moment because she seems bigger every time I turn around.

We adore our little Emmy-bean.

I was bouncing up and down and roaring like a lion to get this. The. Best.

Reading the morning paper with Papa

Superbaby in footie pajamas

Sleepy eyes

She likes to suck on her arms, hands, our shoulder, etc.

With Daddy at an El Toro football game

Baby blessing day

Mommy got her hair done and Emmy was being a sweetie

Paying more attention to objects

Smiling at me, camera to the side. happy girl