Spring Break? What's That?

"Spring break" seems to be something college kids and under get. I don't know what it is since my work schedule still had me every day on CLU's week off. Oh well.

Work has been challenging. The autistic student I work with has severe anxiety lately even though he's caught up with all of his daily assignments. He tries to put off tests and recordings and then it piles up. When I ask him to do something, he refuses and his mom has to tell him repeatedly to do ask he's asked. I don't know when his anxiety will cease but I hope it's... um, now.

I went to Chino last weekend and it was a nice mini-vacation, even though we didn't necessarily relax anywhere. We went apartment hunting Saturday and found a nice starter place, all utilities included, month to month, and the owners are SO nice - that was a big deal for us. We've submitted all of our paperwork and are now waiting for her to let us know what the verdict is. Keep the prayers and good thoughts coming!

On Sunday Michael was able to finish a cinema project for a friend of his named Roclynn. She's a model and wanted a promotional video so Mike helped her out. Here's the finished product! It's so awesome! Roclynn's Promotional Video.

It was pouring rain and made the drive home interesting. I like rain but it's scary to drive in. So far this week I've just been applying for jobs and working. I was going to run yesterday but fell asleep instead. Whoops.

Please keep Laura and Cameron Morrissette in your prayers. Laura had to deliver her Evelyn Rose prematurely. She's a fighter and is doing well and gaining weight.

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