I haven't had the time to spend on this like I usually do, which I guess is a good thing. But it's also been a stressful few weeks. I finally finished all of my interviews and the rough draft of chapter 4 of my thesis, so that's a load off of my shoulders. Looking at the final 2 chapters, I feel a lot better since those are easiest. I'll be even happier when I turn in a finished product in 1.5 months and get to more fully enjoy our engagement :)

I miss working at BGC because I had much more influence on more kids and we were able to play together and enjoy time outside. While I know I fill a necessary role at my Moorpark job and it is challenging to keep up with the boys' work, I think I'll make some time afterward to go visit the BGC kids more because they're adorable and fun.

A few apartment options have opened up for Michael and I so we're crossing our fingers. Our budget is tight but I know we'll find something that fits us.

A few of us saw that Vasty wasn't planning on having a baby shower, so I was able to throw something together with the help of Ashley, Stacey, Sister Anderson, and a few other awesome ladies. It should be awesome! I've only ever been to one other baby shower and it was so cute and fun. I'm also very excited for my bridal shower(s?) my sister and friends are planning. I can't help but plan a little too because it's so fun for me, it's like my stress reliever. Another thing to add to the list of my future dreams and aspirations:

1 - Start a family
2 - Own my own bakery
3 - Have my own event planning/photography/custom designed product business


We took pictures of the Burr boys last weekend around High Street in Moorpark. Here are some of the unedited fun ones.